We do not provide refunds unless there was a system failure or your ticket was cancelled without cause, as per company policy. You will read about our return policy.

Call us at +1-800-721-2636 if you need to change or cancel your flight plans. If the Tickets purchased are refundable, a refund will be issued. Flights that are non-refundable will not be refunded. We cannot refund your booking cost if your ticket is booked with a Low-Cost Carrier.

If a passenger cancels a non-refundable ticket, the airline will only give him a future credit, and he may have to pay an airline penalty to use his credit. Depending on the airline, additional terms and restrictions may apply.

Issues with Compliance

On tickets that were cancelled due to a compliance issue, we do not grant refunds for unused Pay As You Go credits.

Before you send us compliance, make sure you read and understand our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy. If our Compliance Team discovers that a passenger has misused our system in any manner, we retain the right to deactivate or revoke any ticket.

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